Remote Tint (On-State) Maybach 62
Remote Tint (Off-State) Maybach 62
Mansory Rolls Royce Conquistador
Remote Tint Polar (Off-State)
Privacy and Exclusivity

By simply pressing a button, freely control the light transmission of your windows, allowing you to adjust its tint to the level of your choice!  The double paned glass also creates a sound barrier in your vehicle.


Due to inherent properties of the laminated glass EAT's Remote Tinting glass offers additional protection against impacts, vadalism,and forced assults.

Solar Control

The ability to effectively control the light control transmission allows Remote Tint to significantly reduce the amount of infrared (IR) and to totally filter the ultraviolet (UV) rays getting into the vehicle.  Through this unique feature Remote Tint dramatically reduces the amount of heat and radiation inside the car improving the comfort level of the passengers.
Mercedes-Benz S550
EAT Remote Tint Rear Windows
Mansory Rolls Royce Conquistador
Remote Tint (Off-State)
When the windows are in a "off state" the  position particles are at a random alignment, reflecting and the scattering light in all directions, blocking light trnsmission into the interior of the vehicle.
When an electrical charged is applied, all of the micron sized particles are instantly aligned making the glass transparent, allowing the light to go through the window and any direction.
All this happens with the touch of a button in a fraction of a second and, providing total control and immediate response.
Remote Tint Videos
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